5 Green Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Business

    5 Green Marketing Tips for Promoting your Business


    Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we wanted to show you some easy ways your company can promote itself while also being green. Going green has lots of benefits for your business. Like reducing utility costs, taking advantage of tax breaks, and of course the marketing potential. So keep reading for 5 green marketing ideas.

    Put on a Green Event

    Events are an excellent way to promote green initiatives and generate publicity for your brand. Consider running a local event like a park cleanup or a clothing drive. It’s an easy way to connect with your community while making a big difference.

    You can also run an internal event for employees. Like a bike to work day or a company volunteer outing. These events will boost office moral while also doing good. Plus, these events make for great content. So make sure you’re taking tons of pictures to post on social media or your next email blast.

    Put Your Brand on Eco-Friendly Premiums

    Giving out branded premiums is a simple way to spread brand awareness. It also breaks through ad clutter as people are eager to consume this media (everyone love free stuff). So next time you want to brand some promotional items, try these green premiums:

    • Reusable Bags: Perfect for the trade show floor. Attendees will proudly display your brand as they use your bag to collect SWAG.
    • Reusable Water Bottles: Your company will help reduce waste while also getting your brand into consumer’s hands.    
    • Metal Straws: Every year more cities are banning plastic straws. Which means more people will need your branded reusable straws.
    • Solar Powered Charging Block: Take advantage of renewable energy by distributing these highly useful premiums.
    • Seed Starter Kit: Help people become more interested in nature by getting them to garden.


    Become a Certified Green Business

    There are many organizations out there that would love to give you their stamp of approval. Like Green Seal or Green America which make it easy to rep your green pride. Being certified means that you’ll attract customers who are looking for environmentally friendly products. And it also gives you access to business and marketing resources provided by these certification agencies. So get certified, sit back, and see the positive results.

    Use Recycled Paper

    At EMG, we love to incorporate recyclable materials into our media programs. For example, our coffee sleeves are made of 50% recycled material and are also 100% recyclable. So if you must use paper, try to use paper that has been recycled. It will cut down on production costs and help the planet.

    Go Public with Your Green Goals

    Finally, share your green goals to the public. This will get you positive press and shows your commitment to being green. It also holds you more accountable to accomplish these goals. Just make sure that your goals are obtainable and measurable. And don’t forget to tell the public when you accomplish these goals. This will make you more credible and shows that your company knows how to follow through.


    So, there you have it. 5 easy ways to go green while promoting your business. Are you ready to go green? Contact us today to learn how EMG can work with you on your next green campaign.


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