Merchandising Advertising

Key Merchandising Service Areas: 

  • EMG is a one stop solution for merchandising in independent convenient stores and supermarket channels
  • EMG maintains a nationwide team of field representatives that support brands in retail locations
  • EMG can create new strategies for brands or work within existing plans
  • EMG's proprietary field monitoring system provides clients with detailed reporting 

Sampling of EMG's Reset Services: 

  • Shelf Tags and Shelf Talkers
  • POS Materials and Installation
  • Cut-Ins 
  • End Caps
  • Plan-o-grams
  • Facings
  • PDQs
  • Dead Stock
  • Cut Case Displays
  • Color Breaks


  Reasons to Use EMG: 

  • Turnkey process for independent convenience store, supermarket and drug channels
  • Inventory management of POS materials
  • Prime placement of POS materials
  • Thorough intelligence gathering from the field
  • Ability to place new products and SKUs in store with premium placement
  • Multiple reset services within independent channels
  • Our network includes a national reach  


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