Featured Alternative Vendor: Encompass Media Group

blog-imageCompanies like Encompass Media Group showcase the true potential and power of alternative media in the out-of-home industry. They’re creative, exciting and reliable, everything a client wants in an alternative media company.

EMG started in 2002 when they saw a need for a company who could reach consumers at multiple times in their day.

“Back when we started, alternative media was the wild west,” co-owner Don Winter said.

The founders began with 5 media offerings: coffee cup and sleeve advertising, truck side advertising, dry cleaning advertising and pizza box advertising.

“There was a very favorable response to the alternative media space.” Winter said. “Just starting out you don’t get a ton of traction. But once you get that big first deal it kind of snowballs.”

EMG knew they had to legitimize both the alternative industry and their company if they wanted to survive. EMG differentiates themselves from other alternative groups because of their emphasis on backend of operations.

Flash forward to 2016 and EMG offers over 30 media channels. Their numbers speak volumes with over 4,000 campaigns in the past 10 years.

“We work with well-known, recognizable brands that everyone is familiar with,” said Winter.

When the great recession hit and many companies folded EMG grew in business. Something co-owners Don Winter and Adam Pierce credit to clients’ trust in their business.

“Agencies and clients trust us.”

But EMG isn’t done yet. Both Don and Adam are constantly looking for new and exciting networks to bring their clients.

Original article written by Ian Bowman-Henderson in Out-Of-Home Advertising

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